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How can repair Bsd file data

9 February

Price $699.00
The software has another option to search for missing files and folders if the scan results are not satisfactory. You can select ‘Search Lost Files and Folders’ on the ‘Tools’ menu to quickly find out the files that are still missing from the list displayed by the scanning process.The BSD data recovery software has a flexible and user-friendly approach to saving recovered data. This can be attributed to its unique way of filtering the scanned output based on file types or signatures. You can specify the desired file types for recovery and the software then performs a selective recovery of these files. It uses two different ways to restore the data after the process of recovery. You can save all the files in your desired drive with ‘Recover All’ option. You can also save only specific files with ‘Recover Selected Files’ option. You may also restore the files to any network drive, external or internal hard drive, and attached ZIP or USB drive.

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